Academic Research Design and Development


Translating various forms of knowledge generated from scholarly research into an engaging and comprehensive output that enhances user accessibility. Using the main elements of knowledge translation, synthesis, dissemination, exchange, and abiding by research ethics principles to implement a visually designed narrative that underlines the research but also its goals.
Supported mediums for knowledge translation and dissemination include: development of websites for specific research projects; design and layout of community and academic reports, manuals, brochures, digital/print presentations; management of social media dissemination platforms and campaigns; the creation of illustrations and infographic videos and animations based on research findings and any subsequent policy recommendations.

Determining and representing the research goals as a symbol, by reflecting the scholarlily focus of a project as transpired through a visual identity. Create a marketing image that will help the exchange of knowledge and build the interaction between the researcher and knowledge user.
The process includes the creation of a branding strategy, the development and drawing of a research reflective logo, the creation of stationary assets, including print and digital peripherals developments.

Curating and updating previous or newly developed content mediums, reflecting the targeted audience and customizing the content to ensure the engagement of the knowledge users.
Overseeing and maintaining web content, managing and marketing social media campaigns, as well as paying particular attention to online accessibility standards. Managing data collection and data visualization in relation to the research outputs.